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NetLoanUSA Review

PROS / NetLoanUSA decides on your loan quickly and can connect you with third-party lenders.

CONS / Because this is a loan-matching service, the loan amount, APR and terms vary depending on which lender approves your loan.

 VERDICT / NetLoanUSA offers quick decisions and a large network of lenders so you can find the right payday loan.

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Connecting borrowers and lenders for nearly a decade, NetLoanUSA is no stranger to the lending game. While not a direct lender, it has a large network of lenders with whom it can connect you once you complete your application. You can fill out your application online, have an answer quickly and get a fast payday loan. NetLoanUSA offers all of the features we consider important in a payday loan service.

Loan Features

NetLoanUSA offers loans in 42 states and can match you with lenders from its large network. Because lenders and state regulations vary, the amount of your loan and the associated fees and APR also vary. This service and most lenders may not require a credit check, but some lenders may wish to run one. Also be aware that most first-time borrowers likely won't be approved for the maximum amount available from a lender.

Ease of Use

The NetLoanUSA website is simple and easy to navigate. You have the option to apply over the phone or use the online application. The three-step application asks for necessary information to apply for a loan, which might include personal, banking and employment information. You are required to have a valid checking account for deposits and payments. The required form of income, if any, varies from lender to lender.

Once you complete the form, the service provides you an answer quickly. If you're approved, you will begin to receive payday loan offers from members of NetLoanUSA's network of lenders. You may have a large number of offers, but you are not obligated to accept any particular one or any at all. It is wise not to accept a loan you are not sure about.

Once you find a loan you like, you make arrangements with the lender, who can deposit the funds directly into your checking account as quickly as possible.

Repayment Terms

The maximum term for payday loans varies. This is something you agree upon with your lender and something you will want to understand well, because when the term is up, you are responsible to repay the loan or begin payments, depending on your loan contract. Most companies automatically debit your checking account on the day your payment is due, so you'll want to ensure you have the funds available to avoid overdraft charges.

If you can't make your payment when it is due, you can contact your lender to see what options are available to you. Some lenders offer temporary extensions on your payment, and some provide a rollover option. These options may require additional fees or renew your loan agreement, which could increase the total amount of interest you may pay by the end of the new agreement.

Help & Support

NetLoanUSA provides some good options for help and support. The website has basic information about the service and describes the process well. You can also find the company's policies online, including its privacy policy. If you need to contact customer service, you can call the toll-free number or complete a web form. However, when we completed an online email form, we never received a response from the company. There is also a chat option, but this is not a true live chat, as it only offers automated responses based on keywords you type.


NetLoanUSA is one of the best payday loans services we reviewed, as it makes the process of applying for and getting a fast payday loan simple. You can generally complete your loan application over the phone or entirely online and have a quick response. The service has some good support options, but we were disappointed to not receive a response to our email. Overall, this is one of the best payday loan companies to use if you decide you need a loan to make it to your next paycheck.